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    chievement Unlimited offers a wide variety of services, including one-to-one tutoring, an academically advanced preschool, small group home schooling by professional teachers, educational testing, and  college prep. We also offer screening and treatment for processing problems such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD,  Irlen Syndrome, and many others.  We provide instruction in English as a Second Language, for  both  individuals and  groups. The Agency also offers ESL for business and industry. We work cooperatively with the State Board of Education, school districts, colleges, and providers of on-line programs.  Services are available for students from three years old through adult.

At Achievement Unlimited we look at each student as an individual and personalize his/her program to meet his/her specific needs. Rather than the “cookie cutter,” approach used by many schools and tutoring agencies, we carefully evaluate each student’s needs and then select the best possible learning materials and tutor for that student.  Because of this individualization, one hour of our tutoring is like five hours in a classroom.  Our focus is on building missing skills and correcting learning problems to enable the student to become an independent learner.  In order to provide the best possible learning situation for each student, we offer a wide variety of programs. Every aspect of each student’s program is personalized, from the number of sessions per week, to the time and location of the tutoring, to his/her easily affordable payment plan.  It is not unusual for us to modify one or more aspects of a student’s program to accommodate the particular desires of the family.

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the Education Industry Association.  As such, we maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  In each area of the state, we make sure our services are the highest in quality and the lowest in price available.  Please check out our services for yourself.     


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