Programs available



 In this nurturing, fun-filled program 3, 4 & 5 year-olds who have missed the cut-off date for kindergarten learn basic readiness, social and classroom skills that will prepare them to be at the top of their kindergarten class.  Both full-day and half-day programs are available. Today’s students are  required to do more and more advanced work at younger and younger ages.  Most kindergartens today require that students have acceptable fine motor coordination, a basic understanding of number concepts, including the ability to count to 100, and a beginning knowledge of letters, sounds and phonemic awareness.  Our 3-year-olds learn all of this and more.  Our 4-year-olds build on these skills.  They learn to read, do beginning math skills and write simple sentences.  After-school babysitting is available for those who need this service. 


 Students receive one-to-one individualized instruction from experienced, licensed teachers in an educational program designed to meet their specific needs as determined by diagnostic testing.  They study a comprehensive academic curriculum and selected electives for 20 hours per week.  Students may participate in tutoring, field trips, group activities and sports.  Follow-up tests are given periodically to monitor progress and to  comply with state requirements. 


 This affordable plan combines an accredited, teacher-guided on-line program with phone/e-mail  tutoring support.  Students work at their own pace in appropriate lessons for their grade or ability level, and may select desired electives through our tutoring program.  They may participate in field trips, group activities and sports.  For students who are below grade level in one or more subject, an hour of tutoring per week is recommended for each year they are behind in those low areas.  Students may call their tutor as needed for additional help with assignments. 


 In this program a small group of students works with one or more of our highly qualified teachers for the 20 hours per week required by the state.  Students are taught all subjects appropriate to their grade level, but work at their own ability level as determined by diagnostic testing. The small group size assures that each receives ample one-to-one support.  Students may participate in enrichment classes, tutoring subjects of interest, field trips, group activities and sports. 


 This program supports families who want to home school their own children.  Achievement Unlimited provides students with placement testing and personalized, teacher-guided educational plans which  include the appropriate curriculum materials. Students have access to phone and e-mail support as needed.  If desired, tutoring services are also available. Follow-up tests are given periodically to monitor progress and to  comply with state requirements. Students may participate in field trips, group activities and sports.   


 We offer both mastery and enrichment classes to small groups of students who need extra help in a particular subject area or would like to learn a new skill.  For example, a mastery class may offer a student help with  reading, algebra, comprehension, cursive writing, or learning English as a Second Language..  In an enrichment class a student might learn to speak French, play the piano, or become a wood carver.  Both types of classes are frequently offered in summer school, but may be offered any time of the year a group of students need or want to learn a specific subject or skill. 


We create customized programs to meet the specific needs of schools, businesses and industries.  A program like this can take the form of an English as a Second Language class for a company, a study hall with homework help in a learning center, one-to-one or small group tutoring in a school, remedial help or an elective such as art, foreign language, or guitar for an online school student, etc.