Why School is not enough

 In today's world our students and teachers are under increased pressure. Schools are requiring children to do more advanced work at earlier ages, and in order for them to get a decent job, they will need to get additional training beyond high school. Teachers, also, are stretched to their limits. Classes are over-crowded and there are just not enough hours in the school day for them to give each struggling student the one-to-one help he or she needs and still handle all their other responsibilities. It is more important than ever for parents to pay close attention to their child's education. Those students who have the best chance of succeeding are the ones whose parents keep tabs on their progress and make sure they get extra help as needed. We have a plan that can do this for your child. We can assess your child's current academic needs, set up tutoring to bring him/her up to level in every academic area, and monitor his/her progress to make sure he/ she does not fall behind again, straight through to graduation. 

Basic tutoring

 Personalized tutoring plans are developed for individual students, based on their specific needs as revealed by diagnostic testing. In addition to needed academic subjects, they may also select enrich- ment studies of interest. Students receive one-to one instruction from highly qualified tutors, generally in two hour sessions. They are encouraged to call their tutors for free telephone support whenever they need help with assignments while working on their own. Follow-up tests are available to check their progress and adjust their curriculum as appropriate.  

Gold star Program

 This, our premier tutoring program, begins with our Basic Tutoring plan and elevates it to a whole new level. Designed to promote rapid academic growth and ensure the educational success of all students, each student's plan is personalized to meet his or her own unique needs. For students who are below grade level, their comprehensive plan quickly builds missing skills, corrects learning difficulties, and creates a solid foundation for future learning. Gifted students thrive as they master challenging materials, analyze higher thinking concepts, and explore exciting enrichment areas, in their own customized programs. Student progress is carefully monitored with free follow-up testing to ensure that each gap in learning is successfully addressed and all academic goals are reached. We are committed to making sure each student reaches his or her highest educational potential. Discounts, free tests and free learning materials are available with this easily affordable program.  

qucik study plan

 This is a short term, highly focused program designed to meet a specific goal such as passing a certain test or course. Testing is optional, and students may use our materials or their own texts.  

Distance Tutoring

 This plan allows us to offer students a tutor who is highly trained in exactly what they need even if they live in a remote area or need help with a very specialized skill. In this program tutors work one-to-one with students either by telephone or online, or by a combination of both.  

Home work support

 This plan is for students who just need phone or e-mail help from time to time. Students may call their tutors whenever they need help. If needed, in-person help is also available.